All3Media Case Study

  • 12 global departments supported
  • Significant amount of manual days of work saved
  • Introduced a single source of truth and data

All3Media International’s business is on a journey. Guided by a lean digital strategy, their global teams can now seamlessly collaborate to facilitate more deals that can be effectively completed, all while delivering long term operational savings.

Our team developed and are in the process of working with All3Media to implement a full digital strategy that can keep up with the fast-moving world of media. The aim of this is to empower All3Media’s teams to work efficiently and productively, enabling and supporting growth worldwide.

The landscape of All3Media International

All3Media is known for acquiring, financing and selling programmes, formats and IPs around the world. Due to the nature of the business, All3Media has to work across multiple time zones and balance the far-reaching needs of acquisition, sales, format production, content operations, business affairs, rights and royalty management, press and marketing, digital publishing, and finance.

As a results-based company, All3Media tries to avoid overly complex processes that can slow down progress. Over time, the landscape of All3Media’s business has evolved, and as the company scales and grows, their current IT systems and processes struggled to adapt enough to meet the increasing demands and needs of the different teams.

Now was the time for All3Media to start transforming their technical landscape to put in place a digital strategy that let them keep up with the fast-changing pace of media as the company grows.


The challenge facing All3Media

Different teams within the business created and managed their own workflows. This meant each department had their own processes and a variety of offline tools they used to fit their needs – resulting in unnecessary fragmentation across the organisation.

While there are core systems in place to support key elements of the different business processes – to fill various gaps in functionality and efficiency, several offline and non-discoverable solutions (such as local drives, spreadsheets, etc.) were also used.

In an industry where access to up-to-date information is key, All3Media needed a single source of truth with data integrity that could capture and share required information across the organisation in a timely fashion.

The lack of a centralised digital solution meant collaboration could be hindered, particularly across global offices. This also produced fragmented processes that had a higher duplication of effort, disconnected acquisition and sales processes, and too many spreadsheet reports.

All3Media could see there were a number of opportunities for improving how their teams work by embracing a more digital-first approach, and were ready to take this next step.

Microsoft Power Apps

Our solution for All3Media

We were able to design a tailored digital strategy that supports where they wanted to go as a business, including providing a central solution, supporting all teams, and enabling everyone to work effectively and more productively together.

This included creating a plan to reduce technical debt and licensing costs to propose a more streamlined operating model with greater usability.

  • Through an in-depth research phase our process specialists explored how the business currently operates, what workflows and systems are in place, the different pain points, and all the varying needs and desired outcomes for each department
  • From here we could transform the way data is managed and discovered at All3Media and provide a new central solution that acts as a single, trusted source of truth for everyone throughout the organisation
  • This centralised solution connected departments globally and enabled online working that improves collaboration and information sharing
  • Using the Microsoft suite along with creating specific business line applications with Power Platform and storing data in a central data store, All3Media were able to simplify their technology whilst also better supporting their teams

To do this, we worked closely with All3Media to understand all aspects of their business and how their current end-to-end operating model works.

This involved:

  • Working with 12 global departments
  • Interviewing over 30 senior executives
  • Identifying 17 core risk groups
  • Analysing 10 legacy systems flagged for improvement
  • Planning to reduce technical debt and licensing costs

The impact for All3Media

With their new digital strategy in full effect and teams throughout the organisation – and the globe – using this new central solution, All3Media quickly noticed a positive change to their business.

Departments could now work together and collaborate globally with greater ease – knowing they’re working with the most up-to-date data and information, without needing to duplicate any effort. This single source of truth has improved productivity ,as people are able to access and respond to information quickly, and can ultimately engage with clients more effectively.

Since this transformation the increase in efficiency has resulted in a significant saving in manual days of work, reduced operational costs, and ultimately enabled their teams to work more productively and serve their client base better.

Adapting to this new way of working has already benefited All3Media greatly, but it doesn’t end there. As All3Media’s business grows and scales, there’s plenty of opportunities for growth that are being actively identified to streamline processes and meet the evolving needs of the different global departments.

With agile, future-proofed systems in place, All3Media can be confident going forward that their technology can adapt quickly to changing industry demands to maintain a competitive advantage.

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