Microsoft Dynamics 365

Looking for a streamlined end-to-end business solution? Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complete package of cloud-based ERP and CRM applications.

Having strong Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is essential for businesses of all sizes.

Broken down into several different modules – including marketing, sales, retail, customer services, and AI – Dynamics 365 lets you start with the apps you need, and add new functionalities as and when you grow to need them.

Dynamics 365 is fully integrated with Microsoft 365, and you can benefit from a cost-effective implementation, access to the latest automatic software updates, secure cloud technology from Microsoft, and so much more.

Implement Dynamics 365
today with Pi Digital

Enhance how your business works and unleash your organisation´┐Żs potential with Dynamics 365. We’re here to help you get set-up on Dynamics 365 with ease.

We help organisations of all sizes with straightforward, efficient Dynamics 365 implementations. We understand the real benefits Dynamics can bring, and we work closely with all parts of your business to ensure you get the right package and customisation that takes you to the next level.

Modern, unified, intelligent and adaptable, Dynamics 365 is just what your business is waiting for.

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How our Dynamics 365 service helped Fremantle Media

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Strengthened programme acquisition and distribution processes through in-depth requirment gathering and process design

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Options analysis for replacement technology choices

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Smooth roll-out of customised Microsoft Dynamics desktop & mobile

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Efficient migration of content from a legacy platform

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New technology supported through comprehensive governance and change process

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