Digital Migration

A seamless digital migration without disrupting your business

digital migration

Digital migration is a process to seamlessly transition your organisation from legacy systems to new digital platforms. Making the change to new technology is about far more than just transferring your data from the old system to the new. 

Whether implementing a completely new bespoke digital solution, or integrating a well-known product, such as part of the Microsoft 365 platform, there’s a significant undertaking that goes on in the background to ensure your migration is successful. It’s also vital your digital migration allows for everyone in your business to be up-and-running within the right timeframes, with minimal disruption.

Your digital migration is a systematic movement of data and solutions towards your new strategic technologies. A successful digital migration should ensure a smooth and efficient transfer of data, applications, and processes. Digital migration involves a thorough assessment of existing legacy systems, followed by a carefully planned migration strategy. 

From legacy system assessment to target technology selection to data migration planning, having the right approach to digital migration ensures you are guided through every step of the migration journey, ensuring minimal disruptions and maximum impact on your operational efficiency.

Why does digital migration matter?

In the evergreen landscape of technology, migration has a vital role to play. Bringing your data online, keeping it fresh and moving it to your latest technology investments, ensures your business stays current and competitive in a rapidly changing digital environment. Legacy systems can hinder growth and innovation, making new digital solutions essential and a well-planned and well-executed migration a strategic necessity. 

Digital migration is more than just an upgrade. By ensuring a smooth digital migration, you not only future-proof your operations but also gain the flexibility and scalability needed to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape. While part of digital migration involves updating systems; it also works to ensure your business remains agile and responsive to emerging opportunities and challenges.

Digital migration

Embracing a strategic approach to digital migration allows your business to leverage your new technological solutions and unlock enhanced operational efficiency and scalability. 

Downtime is minimised, and system performance is optimised, resulting in increased productivity and cost-effectiveness. Beyond these operational enhancements, digital migration protects your business with improved data security and accessibility, meeting the demands of the digital age head-on. From streamlining workflows to bolstering overall organisational resilience, digital migration is the catalyst for a technologically agile and efficient business.

How can Pi Digital help you with digital migration?

Our migration specialists work with you to plan a full digital migration that takes into consideration all corners of your organisation, making sure nothing slips through the gaps.

We delve into your business to understand how all your departments work, what online / offline systems and processes are currently in place, and what content / data exists. This enables us to carry out content audits that identify where information is stored and how everyone works, so we can plan a new information architecture and a digital migration that works for everyone throughout your organisation.

Our team will manage the full move from your old systems and processes to the implementation of the new ones. We give you confidence that all your data and information is in the right place, organised in a logical way, and straightforward for anyone to simply locate.

  • Review of your current state, along with content auditing and review of your existing information architecture, and speaking with different internal departments to understand how they currently work and what they need from the new solution
  • Identifying the right new solution for your business and putting together a full migration plan
  • Building a new information architecture for your new solution – whilst keeping scalability in mind for the longer-term
  • Mapping out a new user experience that promotes efficient working and streamlined processes
  • Working with different departments to ensure minimal business disruption and handling the change is successfully
  • Carrying out the migration, including any customisations of your new solution that are required for your organisation
  • Full rollout, along with in-depth testing, user on-boarding, training, and user support

Transforming the way you work helps move your business into the future and enables your teams to work as productively as they possibly can. We support your organisation in your digital migration every step of the way, ensuring every part of the process has been carefully considered and planned out to give you confidence in your new solution and make sure everyone is ready to start using it.

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