Digital Platform Training

Leave no team member behind, as you move towards the future, with digital platform training

Digital platform training

Getting new technology solutions in place is just the first step in your digital transformation journey. A vital part of your journey is training up everyone at all levels of your organisation to have the knowledge they need to feel confident using your new systems.

But how can you ensure everyone knows all the ins-and-outs of your new solution? If you have a large – or global – workforce, this can be a particularly complicated task that requires time, resources, and specialist knowledge. This is where digital platform training is necessary.

By using specialised digital platform training, you can equip your workforce with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate and harness the full potential of newly implemented digital solutions. This goes beyond traditional training methods, leveraging innovative digital learning techniques to ensure a dynamic and engaging educational experience.

Why does digital platform training matter?

The significance of digital platform training is in its ability to bridge the gap between technology adoption and workforce proficiency. In a changing digital landscape, staying competitive requires not only implementing new solutions that are right for your organisation and business goals, but also ensuring that your teams are skilled at utilising these tools to improve their productivity to ensure the organisation as a whole is more efficient.

A successful digital transformation is contingent on the digital literacy of your workforce. Digital platform training is a proactive approach to empower your teams, creating a culture of continuous learning and adaptability. It’s about more than just using tools; it’s about cultivating a digitally fluent workforce that’s ready for the challenges of tomorrow, supporting all regardless of their starting point.

Digital platform training

By employing the right digital platform training, you’ll discover a range of benefits that enhance both individual skills of employees and organisational capabilities. Your teams acquire the technical know-how, alongside a deep understanding of how to leverage digital tools for maximum impact.

Digital platform training enhances productivity, reduces learning curves, and increases confidence in technology. You’ll also see higher levels of employee engagement, resulting in less resistance to change and greater returns on your digital investments.

How can Pi Digital help you with digital platform training?

Our team possess in-depth expertise of a wide range of digital solutions – including the Microsoft 365 offerings – and have decades of experience training a variety of organisations in how to quickly get up to speed and working with new technologies and digital processes. We treat your business – and all your team members – as individuals, and tailor our digital platform training approach to fit your needs, ways of working, and personalities.

The level of digital training we provide is flexible, depending on your long-term plans. If you have the resources available and prefer to manage your systems in-house after you’re all set-up, we’ll train the right people to give them the knowledge they need to act as internal support for the rest of your users. Or we can provide training that ensures all your teams understand how to work with the new solution. We can also offer external support going forward for any queries, troubleshooting, updates, or extending your platforms to include new features.

  • With your new digital solutions in place, we work closely with you to understand what your overall training needs and long-term plans are
  • We delve into your different departments to see how they work and understand the best approach for training your different teams and team members
  • Our specialists put together a comprehensive training plan that covers different approaches and specific needs of your departments and stakeholders
  • Working with your teams, our specialists carry out tailored training sessions, also providing one-to-one training where individuals require additional assistance
  • We ensure your teams have the right knowledge and documentation available to feel confident working independently within your digital ecosystem and using your new solution or tools
  • If you prefer to manage training in-house, we can provide administrator training to your IT teams to position them as your internal support and empower them to provide any more training needed and ongoing support. We can also offer training to create a network of power users and champions within your business too
  • Our UK team can provide onsite or remote training as required

Changing how you work and adapting to new technology takes time. You need to get used to working within a new system, and it’s essential that everyone is aware of best practice – and knows how to make the most of all the relevant features. We’re here to guide your teams as they get up and running within your new digital ecosystem so they can take advantage of all the benefits your new solution or tools bring.

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