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  • Considerable savings in time spent sourcing information
  • Thousands of employees worldwide connected through Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • A significant increase of on-the-go accessibility

Fremantle Media saw productivity significantly increase through streamlining a range of time-consuming processes thanks to the introduction of our accessible, simple-to-use solution.

We delivered a Fremantle Media digital transformation by providing a new internal system tailored to their unique needs. We enabled staff to work efficiently in the office or on-the-go, connect with each other with ease, and access the information they need anytime, anywhere.

The landscape of Fremantle Media

Since their launch in 2001, Fremantle Media has become Europe’s largest TV, radio, and production company.

While there’s a chance you may not have heard the name Fremantle Media, you will certainly be more familiar with some of their TV hits in the UK and across the globe. Fremantle Media are responsible for television juggernauts such as Britain’s Got Talent, The X Factor, and Grand Designs, among many others.

As a large, global organisation Fremantle Media has wide-ranging teams and stakeholders – all with their own needs and business goals – to effectively manage when it comes to producing the high-quality shows they’re known for.

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The challenge facing Fremantle Media

The world of Programme Acquisitions is as competitive and complex as they come. To stay ahead of the game and ensure all their operations run smoothly, Fremantle Media needed a complete overhaul of their existing processes and technology.

Historically, Fremantle Media had used an Oracle system known as the Fremantle Media Internal Resources Extranet – or FIRE for short. An initial review discovered FIRE wasn’t providing the user experience and functionality the team at Fremantle Media needed.

No real-time information available, a poor security model, and lack of reporting capabilities meant staff struggled to complete their day-to-day tasks efficiently. Instead, staff had to rely on multiple offline spreadsheets to manage necessary information. Even more troubling, the FIRE system was not easily accessible via mobile – and given the industry, Fremantle Media staff are often out of the office at events, and need access on-the-go.

The result of all this? Fremantle Media were experiencing fragmented processes, disjointed communication, time wasted in duplicating content, and essential information falling through the gaps.

The challenge was to find a way to pull-in wide amounts of data and content to create one cohesive system that all Fremantle Media employees could access whenever and wherever they are.

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Our solution for Fremantle Media

Working closely with Fremantle Media, we took the time to understand how FIRE was currently being used at Fremantle Media and what employees needed to be able to achieve through a system.

We could see Fremantle Media were in desperate need of a new solution. Our specialist team discussed a selection of technology options before determining Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the right solution for Fremantle Media’s needs. A key benefit of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is its excellent mobile accessibility, making it an invaluable asset for staff out at industry events.

How did we ensure a smooth implementation of the new Fremantle Media system?

  • Working with stakeholders from across the business, we gathered requirements and designed processes for international programme acquisition and distribution
  • Through conducting a thorough options analysis of new technology choices we could select the one that meet Fremantle Media’s unique set of business needs
  • Building and deploying a customised Microsoft Dynamics solution, we ensured this would provide a seamless user experience for both desktop and mobile
  • Completing a full content migration from the old FIRE system, we removed any duplicated content and allowed for all information to be easily located and accessed
  • By managing the governance and change process, we put in place new business processes to make sure Fremantle Media’s digital transformation was future proof

For any new solution to be a success, employee adoption is vital. We provided specialist training to all departments across the organisation

An all-encompassing solution; Rolling out Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint:

  • Rolled out Microsoft Teams to Fremantle Media’s entire global workforce, across 31 offices
  • Designed and implemented the governance and change model
  • Managed adoption and provided training, materials and communications
  • Provide ongoing support for all Fremantle Media’s technology-related needs

The impact for Fremantle Media

The successful move across to Microsoft Dynamics 365 has had a significant impact on Fremantle Media’s day-to-day operations, as well as the organisation as a whole.

No longer do staff have to struggle to access the Fremantle Media system when they’re out and about – nor do they need to waste precious time searching for the information they’re looking for. Better still, staff across the business are able to collaborate more effectively through this centralised system, rather than relying on disjointed spreadsheets and documents held individually.

Throughout the organisation, Fremantle Media is experiencing streamlined processes and workflows. Where tasks were once time consuming and arduous, they are now simple and intuitive as staff are empowered to work productively through one accessible system. This new cohesive way of working has had a positive impact on operational costs, and has also freed up hundreds of hours of time to allow staff to work more efficiently.

A key element of our Fremantle Media solution was the implementation of a robust new governance model

Aside from this, we continue to provide ongoing support for Fremantle Media’s new system and guide staff on all the ways they can take advantage of the new functionality. We also perform regular assessments and provide recommendations and optimisation suggestions to ensure Fremantle Media’s solution remains cutting-edge and able to deliver all they need no matter how their internal landscape evolves over time.

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