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If you want to save time, simplify processes, and see an overall improvement in how your organisation runs, the Microsoft Power Platform can get you real results.





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Available within Microsoft 365, the Power Platform is a suite of useful tools consisting of Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents. You can use these to improve how your organisation operates through analysing business data, building custom applications, creating automated workflows, and more.

If you already have an Microsoft 365 subscription, you can maximise your return on investment by using Power Platform applications to your advantage.

We have industry-leading expertise in the Power Platform and can help you use it to transform the digital side of your business. We’ll work with you to see how you can use one, some, or all the Power Platform apps to create a more productive working environment that suits your business needs.


How can the Microsoft Power Platform tools help you?

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Power BI

Quickly and effectively make sense of data to create strategies based in facts and logic rather than opinions and gut feelings.

Your teams can use Power BI to easily analyse data from a range of sources and discover powerful insights to guide and inform business decisions.

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Power Apps

Power Apps is a straightforward, low cost, and time efficient way of building apps that can streamline your internal processes.

Designed to work intuitively, you don’t need a tech background to create tools in Power Apps. You can also use the form builder to digitise your forms and workflows – fostering a paper-lite environment.

Power Apps has helped the likes of Pepsi and Transport for London become self-sufficient and develop powerful in-house apps that work for their business.

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Power Automate

Free up your teams to focus on the more important work by automating repetitive day-to-day tasks.

Power Automate lets you use simple drag-and-drop tools to automate processes and tasks – enabling you to see significant savings in costs and times throughout your business.

Automations can be triggered manually, automatically or scheduled, and can run 24/7.

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Power Virtual Agents

With Power Virtual Agents you can create AI-powered bots that let your users find the answers they need without human intervention.

Anyone in your company can create custom bots without needing to be an AI expert or developer. The simple Power Virtual Agents interface guides you through building bots to assist with answering questions, resolving common issues, automating tasks, and so much more.

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