Royal Bank of Scotland Case Study

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  • Millions saved in operations
  • Over 100,000 employees connected through SharePoint
  • Hundreds of hours saved on time spent sourcing information

The Royal Bank of Scotland were able to gain significant operational savings and ensure consistent communications through our bespoke global solution.

By consolidating and streamlining the RBS intranet platforms, our future-proofed system connects the 100,000-strong workforce worldwide – allowing all teams to work more productively and collaborate with each other.

The Landscape of RBS

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group is a world-renowned banking and insurance company based in Edinburgh. Founded over 50 years ago, RBS has become a British institution – with roots spread across the globe.

The RBS is a large and diverse organisation, featuring subsidiaries that include NatWest, Ulster Bank, and Coutts. All in all, the RBS group sees an annual revenue of more than £13 billion and has over 100,000 employees in total worldwide.

Even organisations as well-known and recognised for their strong financial foundations as RBS can still experience tech headaches and a need to rethink their digital strategies, systems and processes.


The challenge facing RBS

When an organisation has such a large workforce spread all across the globe, it can be difficult ensuring everyone is connected and communicating in a consistent manner.

After several restructures, RBS was left with 14 different intranets – creating a complex and disjointed workflow throughout the organisation. These systems were flooded with out-of-date or irrelevant content, making it time-consuming for staff to find the information they needed and work as productively as possible.

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Our solution for RBS

To help connect all the wide-ranging RBS teams, we needed to create a global information architecture that would work across all browsers and devices – while also taking into consideration all the different team’s needs and requirements.

How did we do this? Using a strategic approach – built on employee insight – we provided RBS with a single tailored intranet that had the technical capabilities to meet their diverse needs now – and in the future.

Using SharePoint, our dedicated project team worked in-house at RBS alongside the HR, IT, and communications teams to become fully immersed and understand RBS’ needs, challenges, and goals. From here we were able to create a solution that consolidated 5 different brand intranets into a single and simple-to-use global bank intranet.

To meet the diverse and far-reaching needs of RBS, we built an intranet that encompassed several key elements:

  • Security: One of the most essential areas for the new intranet was security. Creating a robust and secure authentication system, we also ensured the system was applicable to every type of user in every RBS location across the world. On top of this, we implemented different amalgamated security barriers and criteria dependent on user
  • Data: The foundation of the new RBS intranet had to utilise consistent and in-depth people data. By cleaning up the data and pulling together all the different feeds, we were able to build a new comprehensive people directory. This directory was then able to feed into the new RBS intranet, as well as other internal systems
  • Personalisation: Using the extensive people directory, we were able to add a touch of personalisation through custom and targeted information for each user. This meant users could gain easier access to information relevant to them and their roles
  • Content: Content is the basis of the intranet, so with over a million existing pages, a content audit was used to assess what content was most useful. Through an analytics-based approach, we determined the pages relevant to different departments and locations and designed a new information architecture. From this we could help RBS put in place the right content on a single intranet platform
To complement the new intranet, we also created a number of bespoke applications to enrich the internal RBS environment. These included:
  • Custom comments feature, tailored to RBS’ unique compliance needs
  • HR Learning Academy applications
  • Employee Award Nomination applications
  • POC for Facebook’s Workplace and the new global intranet

The impact for RBS

Through the new global intranet, RBS were able to make significant savings when it comes to operations as they no longer had to support and provide resources for multiple platforms. Aside from the financial benefits, RBS also experienced more consistency to their communications, as all their teams – in all locations – can now connect, collaborate and source information in a singular, uniform way.

These streamlined systems have allowed for more efficient working that has improved productivity across the entire organisation.

Though the RBS intranet has gone live, our support continues on. Our in-house team are still working closely with RBS to improve the intranet further to guarantee its long-term success.

As we close down the legacy sites, we also are ensuring all the new technology is robust enough to support critical updates as we develop the site further. This allows for the solution to be future-proof; as RBS’ needs and technological landscape continue to evolve, this new intranet system will be able to handle whatever the future has in store.

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