Does Your System Run On SharePoint Server 2007?

Because you no longer get security updates, your system could be vulnerable to threats and your organisation at operational risk.

Did you know that Microsoft no longer supports a number of important functions?

From 10 October 2017, Microsoft shifted its support to more recent versions of the SharePoint Server which means it will no longer provide:

  • further service packs or product updates
  • technical support for any issues that might crop up
  • bug fixes or patches for problems that could impact stability or usability
  • security fixes for vulnerabilities leaving SharePoint Server 2007 users open to security attack.

What You Can Do

You should have a migration plan, especially from a security perspective, so why not use it to review your infrastructure, plan upgrades and deliver improved architecture and functionality for your organisation and end users.

A Chance To Improve

Moving off a legacy SharePoint system gives you the chance to consider a number of options:

  • Should we stay on-premises or move to the cloud?
  • If we stay on-premises, what version should we upgrade to?
  • Should we adopt a hybrid option?
  • How do we migrate securely and swiftly with minimum end user impact?

By strategically partnering with Pi Digital you can develop the best solution for your organisation; no mess, no fuss.

Our Approach


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