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As the biggest social network in the world, one that is used by over one billion people every day, Facebook has become ubiquitous with digital communication in our personal lives.

So it makes sense that Facebook take a platform that is known and, mostly, loved around the world, and bring it into our work lives.

Seen as many as a competitor to Slack and Microsoft Teams, Workplace by Facebook’s most direct competitor is more likely Yammer (how often have you heard Yammer described as ‘like Facebook, but for businesses’?)

Used currently by just 1% of businesses worldwide, Facebook are taking a low-key approach to promoting their enterprise product. But if you want something that’s easy to implement (pretty much every single one of your workforce uses Facebook already) and is cost effective, could Workplace by Facebook be the digital communication tool for you?

Introducing Facebook at Work

A collaborative space to connect your company.

Posted by Workplace by Facebook on Monday, 13 June 2016

Of course Pi Digital are Facebook users ourselves and we have helped various businesses implement the solution for their workforce.

If you’re looking for an enterprise social network for your business and either don’t have an Office 365 subscription or are turned off by Yammer, then Workplace by Facebook could be exactly what you need.

Use News Feed to share important news and information

Receive Likes, Comments and Reactions.

Use Facebook Live video for immediate sharing of content and ideas

Use rules to automatically add people to the right groups.

Credit: The Verge

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