Our Team

More than just a technology supplier, our team of digital specialists are an extension of your in-house team.

Change is necessary to keep up in today’s crowded and evolving marketplace. We are an award-winning digital transformation agency comprised of digital specialists who provide tailored technology solutions to deliver real results.

Based in the heart of London, we work with organisations ranging from small start-ups to globally recognised names to create tailored digital solutions that meet your business’ needs, challenges and goals. Our experience covers a wide variety of sectors, including banking, healthcare, media, mining, airspace, among many others.​

As technology experts, we recognise that people are the most important factor. If your new solution doesn’t deliver what your teams need, then they won’t get employee buy-in. Our digital specialists are on-hand to guide your business through change management and help you with everything from digital and data strategy, to migration and implementation, to employee adoption and training, and so much more.​

While we are Microsoft partners, we are true digital specialists who have wide-reaching and extensive knowledge across many technology stacks and products to provide you with a bespoke solution that works for your business.

To find out how we can help your business with your digital transformation, speak to our digital specialists today.

Our Proven Process

In What Ways Are We Different?

We believe digital transformation is a journey, not a destination. Technology is always evolving and providing new opportunities to improve the ways you work. We pride ourselves in nurturing long-term partnerships with our clients that focus on guiding you to smarter working through tailored, cost-effective, sustainable solutions.

What is Our Business Philosophy?

We have a people-first mindset. At the forefront of everything we do is the question ‘how can this help the people in your company?’ We believe in creating true partnerships that are based on integrity – and delivering what you need to get your teams working better throughout your organisation.

How Would We Work Together?

We see every client as an individual. What works for one organisation, wouldn’t necessarily work for you. This is why you won’t receive just another ‘off the shelf’ solution. Our team takes the time to get to know your organisation so we can create a solution that works for your business.

What Sets Pi Digital Aside From the Rest?

Users Supported
Combined Years Digital Transformation Experience
Combined Years Technology Implementation Experience
Migrations Completed
Bespoke Custom Applications Developed
Successful Digital Transformations

The Management Team

Pi Digital’s management team has decades of experience across a range of business sectors. The team have a proven track record of partnering with clients to deliver enterprise platforms and solutions. As innovators within the digital space, we understand where the digital economy is going and work with you to ensure that your business is at the forefront.

The Change Team

Our change team are experts in the digital impact on business process and operational strategy. Working closely with all stakeholders in the organisation to help them transform from the current to their target operating model. Our change team are also adoption specialists, as technology is only truly transformative when used effectively.

The Architecture Team

The architecture team have a specialist knowledge base of customer-centric, internal and technical design. The team work closely with our partners to ensure that the right solutions are designed and delivered based on every partners unique requirements.

The Development Team

Our development team have experience across a range of technologies. This enables us to deliver the right solution to you, rather than based on our experience with a particular technology. The team adhere to industry best practice and always develop solutions with the end user in mind.

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