Digital and IT Support

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Digital and IT support

Understanding all that your new technology has to offer takes time and deep expertise. This may not always be something your internal IT teams have the resources or knowledge to offer – if you even have an internal IT team at all.

Putting a new solution in place isn’t the end of your journey. Every technology has its own complexities, from troubleshooting, to new upgrades, to additional features being released – this is a living and breathing system that will help keep you moving into the future.

Having extra digital and IT support can provide your business with expert assistance to help with any troubleshooting, maintenance, or guidance on effectively using your digital tools. Digital and IT support can help ensure any issues encountered with your solutions are dealt with swiftly and all your digital ecosystem operates seamlessly.

Why does digital and IT support matter?

Digital and IT support is the backbone of sustained digital success. In the fast-paced world of digital transformation, encountering challenges and ongoing change with technology is inevitable. It’s also rare that in-house teams will have in-depth knowledge of all digital solutions to be able to fully leverage them, let alone the time to support them. This is why having specialised digital and IT support can help your organisation. 

Having uninterrupted operation of your digital solutions is paramount for business continuity, as is making sure your teams can make the most out of all the digital tools at their disposal. Digital and IT support is not just about fixing issues; it’s also about providing proactive maintenance and updates that ensures your organisation is positioned to best leverage all digital capabilities available. This forward thinking approach prevents disruptions and empowers your teams to focus on what they do best.

Digital and IT support

Whether you have a completely bespoke solution, or are utilising well-known technology from a provider such as Microsoft, by having a dedicated digital and IT support team on-hand, you can be sure your business can overcome any challenge and keep operating optimally at all times. 

Benefits of having comprehensive support in place include, prompt resolution of challenges, minimising downtime and optimising the performance of your digital infrastructure. With dedicated digital and IT support, your teams can navigate new technologies with confidence, building a culture of innovation and productivity. 

You’ll find that proactive maintenance and guidance contribute to the longevity of your digital investments, maximising their return on investment. From ensuring the security of your digital assets to providing on-demand expertise, digital and IT support is the cornerstone of a resilient and high-functioning digital ecosystem for your business.

How can Pi Digital help you with digital and IT support?

You’re not alone when on your digital transformation journey. Whether you’ve already implemented some new solutions, or are looking for some digital and IT support as part of your wider digital transformation, we’re here to help.

 At Pi Digital, we partner with you to provide support for the long-term. Our goal is to make sure you have all you need to successfully work within your new solutions. We can be a point of contact for support for all your teams – and can offer support at all different levels, depending what you need. We can also guide your users to get the most out of your system and be ready to use any new relevant functionality that is introduced.

  • We partner with you to understand your different departments, how they work, and what level of support you need
  • We set-up your points of contact here at Pi Digital for the different levels of support, and ensure you have the information on how our support specialists can be reached by any of your users for any queries or troubleshooting needs
  • When there is a new release or upgrade – we will keep you updated and implement a plan for these that make sure your systems are kept up-to-date with any new release, without any disruption to your business
  • Whenever new features are made available, we will provide information that can be shared about what these new features are, how they can help people work, and how to use them. We can also provide additional training on using these where necessary
  • If you have your own internal IT team, we can provide additional support on managing your digital solution, freeing them up to focus their energy where it’s needed more
  • Our support packages are fully flexible, ranging from fully managed first and second line support, to only third line support on-demand
  • We operate in adaptable hours and times to meet your business support needs

Everyone needs a helping hand at times. Having the right support in place means everyone in your business can confidently work within your digital ecosystem. You will also be future-proofed to move with the times, as your support is set-up to adapt and work with the solutions you have. New upgrades and functionality can be rolled-out to your existing system, rather than needing to introduce a whole new system every couple of years.

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