Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are changing the way we work. As noted on this blog previously, progressively intelligent applications are using AI to free employees from repetitive, low-value tasks so they can focus on other activities that move the business forward.

Microsoft is about to help even more organisations use intelligent applications with their new AI Builder product.

What is AI Builder?

Microsoft AI Builder is a new Power Platform function included with business Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Microsoft describe it as a turnkey solution that brings the power of AI through a point-and-click experience.

The system analyses your data and uses artificial intelligence to automatically identify trends and patterns. These insights allow you to make informed, highly accurate decisions. Depending on your application, AI Builder can also automate processes based on the conclusions reached.

Microsoft AI Builder 1

How AI Builder Fits in to the Microsoft Power Platform

Credit: Microsoft

Why should I be interested in AI Builder?

More than a useful add-on, you should be seriously considering how to make AI Builder an integral part of your operations in future. Why?

Make sense of your data

AI Builder uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to make your job easier. Say you want to know if a new customer is likely to default on their invoice payments; by comparing what you know about the new customer against all your previous transactions with existing clients, AI Builder can provide a highly accurate ‘yes’ or ‘no’. You can then decide if you want to proceed with the deal.

Improve the service offered to customers

Using AI Builder models, you can accurately predict the customer decision-making process and outcomes. Those insights can then be used to improve the customer experience and increase retention rates for instance. Do existing customers purchase additional products or services at a later date? An AI model could not only answer this question, but also advise what they are most likely to purchase. You could then build out a marketing campaign targeted at similar customers; they get something they need, and you boost sales!

Increase profitability

AI Builder doesn’t simply produce reports and statistical answers. The outcomes can be fed into other applications to automate business processes. Following on from the previous example, if your application detects that a client is likely to default on their invoices, you could send an automated letter rejecting the deal for instance. Because the process is completed automatically and without human intervention, it is both faster and cheaper and you avoid entering into a bad deal.

How can I use AI builder?

AI Builder has several different artificial intelligence ‘models’. As well as answering hypothetical questions, it can also detect objects in images, extract text from images and documents and process form input.

Object Detection

Microsoft AI Builder 2
Microsoft AI Builder 3

Object detection in AI Builder

Credit: Microsoft

G&J Pepsi-Cola

Soft drink manufacturers G&J Pepsi have been using AI Builder to create their own models for a few months now. Their first application is built around the object detection model and helps to speed up the stocktaking process for workers in the field.

When visiting a store or warehouse, the worker snaps a quick photo of each shelf using their smartphone. The picture is then uploaded to AI application in the cloud. AI Builder analyses each incoming image, using artificial intelligence to detect which products are on each shelf, and how many units there are of each.

Using AI Builder, Pepsi are able to obtain an accurate stock count within seconds. This is a major improvement on previous processes which would have required the on-site worker to count and record every unit manually. In future, the application could be connected to Pepsi’s inventory ordering system, placing replenishment requests automatically based on the photos received from the field.

Microsoft AI Builder 4

PepsiCo Uses AI Builder To Deliver Success

Credit: Adobe Stock

How do I get started with AI Builder?

AI Builder is available to corporate Microsoft 365 users now you can find the various options in your Power Platform Admin center control panel. Although the system is designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible, you can accelerate progress by partnering with Pi Digital Solutions.

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